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22JUL17 Meeting notes

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For those who couldn't make it, see below for the cliff notes version of our guild meeting:

Meeting notes:

1. Inductions of some new PRs to full members - Grats to our newest FoE Brothers/Bretherettes!

2. We have folks playing TESO and ArcheAge for MMOs - come play with them and/or play a plethora of other games FoE members are currently playing (Diablo3, Life is Feudal, PUBG, Ark, etc...) Just log on and play something with your guildies!

3. Make sure you're registered on the new site, discord, and please join our steam group, and closed FB group

4. We are moving full speed into Crowfall - they just released their campaign worlds and we will be streaming it when the play tests become available (do NOT dump $$ you do not have into it, we have plenty of folks with Alpha Access)

5. We will be doing Saturday night FoE game nights starting next weekend - the idea is we ALL jump into a FTP game for a couple hours to hang out, have fun, and get to know each other - game rotation TBA and we are open to suggestions...

6. We are getting our ducks in a row and starting to re-tighten the organisational/community tools and guild rules in order to posture us for a successful MSC launch into Crowfal - more to follow...

Hate your faces,



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