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ESO Week Schedule, Updated 18 Dec 2017

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This post will be updated with the weekly schedule for those interested in playing Elder Scrolls Online. I will try to keep the in-game MotD updated to reflect this schedule.

We need to brush off our skills and warm up with PvP. If you are not 50 CP 160, it may hurt.

19 December (Tuesday) 9pm-11pm EST: PvP, We may run Shor
21 December (Thursday) 9pm -11pm EST: PvE, daily four man (vet), great time to get your monster helms
22 December (Friday) 9pm - 11pm EST: Guild Meeting, I will hold a guild meeting and induct Darrel.

For PvP, please ensure you have at least 1x Tent, 3x Covenant Ballistas, 3x Fire Ballistas, 3x Oil; and as always, make sure your wood is hard!



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